Costa Rica - Language Learning and Solo Traveling

Trip Overview

Country visited
Costa Rica
Cities visited
Heredia, Costa Rica
La Fortuna, Costa Rica
Tilarán, Costa Rica
Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Quepos, Costa Rica
Months traveled
June, July
Traveled with
Total length of trip
27 days

Heredia, Costa Rica

Arrived by airplane
Stayed 14 days

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wanderlustpulse Jun 8, 2021

I learnt Pickleball there. It was fun. Also Salsa classes at Bouteille de leche

rubyflynn92 Jun 6, 2021

I'd love to learn Spanish properly, I know enough to get by and can roughly understand it but am not the greatest conversationalist so this sounds great. I find the South and Central American accents so much easier to understand that European Spanish. It sounds like a great experience!

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