Big Adventures On Hawaii’s Big Island

Trip Overview

Country visited
United States
City visited
Hawaii, United States
Month traveled
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Total length of trip
5 days

Hawaii, United States

Arrived by airplane
Stayed 5 days

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erikaaltman Jun 8, 2021

Oh I love the Big Island! Snorkeling and going to the Volcanic side to see that part of the island is really cool.

wanderlustpulse Jun 8, 2021

I just came back from the big island. Car rental is dirt cheap. I visited the whole island. So amazing!!! Love the big island. Snorkel at 2 steps. Lunch coffee shack. Food and music at on the Rocks. Farmer markets. Manta Ray night snorkel. Whale watch. This is all Kona. There is so much more to do then just Kona.

errhannon Jun 8, 2021

I was there the end of January. I was solo for part of the time. It was the best. I rented a car. I started in Kona and drove the whole island clockwise. Stayed my my Hawaiian hostel in Kona. Then I was with my friend in Puna. I continued to explore on my own meeting a ton of people. Loved Hilo too

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