One Week in Iceland in January (with no car!)

Trip Overview

Country visited
City visited
Reykjavík, Iceland
Month traveled
Traveled with
Total length of trip
7 days

Reykjavík, Iceland

Arrived by airplane
Stayed 7 days

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stephwood Apr 29, 2021

Iceland is one of my favourite destinations I have ever visited!! Sadly we didn't get to see the Northern Lights during our trip due to poor weather conditions but I guess thats just a reason for us to go back!

Japan Anecdotes Jan 1, 2021

Interesting to see an Iceland trip without renting a car. I don't drive but I'd love to visit some day too!

rkmkiosk Nov 26, 2020

This has to be the most beautiful place I've ever seen.

alex Oct 22, 2020

Impressive that you did all of this without a car!! We did Iceland for a few days as a stopover to Europe because I don't like long flights, and loved it too! Who knew about Chuck Norris Grill though lol. Classic. :)

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