How to Spend a 24 Hour Layover in Dublin

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Country visited
City visited
Dublin, Ireland
Month traveled
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Total length of trip
1 day

Dublin, Ireland

Arrived by airplane
Stayed 1 day

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rkmkiosk Oct 20, 2020

Wow this has to be the one of the best itineraries I've seen. Keep it up.

alex Oct 18, 2020

Agreed @Erik. A lot accomplished in a short time. I was equally fascinated by the Long Room. Probably the thing I remember most about Dublin. Love the cute little staircases they use to get to the tippy top.

Erik Oct 17, 2020

Love your itinerary! Great ideas here for a short time in Dublin. You accomplished a lot in a day! Since college I have always to see the Book of Kells especially.

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