Weekend gateway to Austin

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Country visited
United States
City visited
Austin, Tx, United States
Month traveled
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Total length of trip
3 days

Austin, TX, United States

Arrived by car
Stayed 3 days

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txcidergirl Jul 27, 2021

I live in Austin, this is a great weekend itinerary! Pro tip for Mount Bonnell - you can avoid the stairs and park all the way at the far end, this gives a gradual hike up to the top with views of the river the whole way :)

rubyflynn92 Jul 27, 2021

Texas is one of the few states I've never been to but it seems great!

terriecainnaturelove Jul 26, 2021

Believe me, Austin is so much fun!

errhannon Jul 26, 2021

I love Austin, such a great city!!

stephwood Jul 26, 2021

Amazing photos! I'd love to go to Austin one day. Great itinerary!!

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