Vancouver Island, Vancouver and Kelowna - 12 days

Trip Overview

Country visited
Cities visited
Victoria, Canada
Nanaimo, Canada
Vancouver, Canada
Kelowna, Canada
Month traveled
Traveled with
Total length of trip
10 days

Victoria, Canada

Arrived by airplane
Stayed 3 days

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ashtonw69 Jun 8, 2021

Pacific Rim Park is great! When the most beautiful ocean landscapes collide with the most beautiful mountain and Forrest landscapes you get the best of both Worlds, out of the 25 National Parks we’ve been to this is our favorite so far!

Christina S Jun 6, 2021

@claribo - that sounds incredible! We would love to go to Seattle and Portland once this pandemic ends! We definitely rented a car since we flew into Victoria. If you are planning on leaving the island, we would recommend closing your rental on the island and then taking the ferry and then re-renting a new vehicle. There are a couple of reasons we would recommend this. The first is that when you plan to take the rental off the island, the rental car company charge a significant increase in price. The second is that the ticket to take a car onto the ferry can be a pretty expensive cost in itself compared to just being a person ticket. If you are planning a camper van, there are some pretty amazing hiking you can get into. We didn't go far into the woods but my brother was able to see some incredible huge trees that you can't see just from the road. We did do a couple of hikes closer to Coombs which wouldn't need a camper van for. Hope that helps!

claribo Jun 6, 2021

Super excited. just booked my return flight to Vancouver for next year, 18 whole days, thinking Vancouver, vancouver island, Seattle and Portland. Would love to hear ur experiences of transport, did you hire the car... been thinking of hiring a camper van? Was it easy to get out of the city, I would love to do some hiking.

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