Trip Overview

Country visited
United States
Cities visited
Orlando, Fl, United States
Charleston, Sc, United States
Savannah, Ga, United States
Months traveled
March, April, May
Traveled with
Total length of trip
10 days

Orlando, FL, United States

Arrived by airplane
Stayed 7 days

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monique241 Jun 8, 2021

Would recommend the Premium outlets on International drive, they’re across the highway from Universal and have a gazillion stores, open until 10pm I think

liltisay Jun 8, 2021

@stephwood a day in Savannah is definitely not enough. It was a spur of the moment stop over. Will need to go back one day. @rubyflynn92, it was so good!

ashtonw69 Jun 8, 2021

And dont forget the ghost tours in both Charleston & Savannah. These are old port cities with tales to tell. I also recently took a haunted jail tour in Charleston and would recommend.

rubyflynn92 Jun 6, 2021

I travel into Orlando all the time and whilst the theme parks are great, I LOVE them, what I love more are the food trucks haha!!

stephwood Jun 6, 2021

I love Orlando, would have to stay longer though as I am a massive Disney parks fan. Did you check out the outlets in Orlando? I thought they were great!! Really need a trip back here, my last was in 2014! Too long!

Is 2 days in Charleston and 1 day in Savannah enough time? I really want to travel the states at some point in my life, I have a goal to visit every state but its not gonna be easy with me living outside of the US so time would be of the essence.

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