Short trip to Istanbul

Trip Overview

Country visited
City visited
Istanbul, Turkey
Month traveled
Traveled with
Total length of trip
5 days

Istanbul, Turkey

Arrived by airplane
Stayed 5 days

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Rahma Khan Jul 23, 2021

Hi @stephwood! TBH, Istanbul is not the safest city I have visited. There were a few incidents of harassment, where the local men catcalled me. During one dinner, a server tried to get my number and irritated me to a point that I had to rush out from the restaurant... so yeah, if you can go to Istanbul with a companion (man or a woman, doesn't matter), it'll be better than visiting the city alone.

stephwood Jul 23, 2021

Did you find Istanbul quite safe? I've always wanted to visit as well as many other places in Turkey but haven't heard the best stories so always put it off.

erikaaltman Jul 21, 2021

Great itinerary! I loved just wandering the streets when I went to Istanbul, so much culture to soak up!!

isaacq_ita Jul 21, 2021

great itinerary, always wanted to go to istanbul

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