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Country visited
City visited
Rome, Italy
Month traveled
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Total length of trip
5 days

Rome, Italy

Arrived by airplane
Stayed 5 days

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rubyflynn92 Jun 6, 2021

Ah Roma Roma Roma, such a beautiful place. Did you just stick to the touristy stuff? I've been to Rome a couple of times, but any recommendations for off the tourist track stuff would be cool as I saw the tourist stuff the last two trips.

stephwood Jun 6, 2021

Some great recommendations here! Do you recommend anywhere specific for food as I feel like half the experience of Rome is in the cuisine?

I'm confused about the Vatican too haha! From what I understand it is its own city but also in Rome, is that right? Would you recommend dedicating a whole day to the Vatican or can it be appreciated in a shorter time period?

Great to know public transport in Rome is easy and affordable.

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