Paris in Winter

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Paris, France
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6 days

Paris, France

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Stayed 6 days

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kiannam1 Jun 6, 2021

I visited the Eiffel Tower in 2003, back when the security wasn't so tight and you could just walk up to it. The view especially at night is amazing. If you have never done it, I would say yes. But the view from the Arc De Triumph is also great and it included the Tower. I would say do that so the Tower would be in your pics

rubyflynn92 Jun 6, 2021

I love Paris in the winter, its my favourite time to visit, feels so much more romantic. Great itinerary! Pink Mamma, yes yes yes!! Incredible restaurant! Totally worth waiting for! Think I'll have to try Treize Bakery on my next trip.

stephwood Jun 6, 2021

I haven't spent nearly enough time in Paris considering I am based in the UK. Great itinerary! Good that you can do and see all this with kids in tow as I am due my first baby in two months so I'm guessing any possible trips to Paris I have in the near future will be with kids in tow! Great to see so many food recommendations, I love to explore a city through its cuisine. Did you not visit the Eiffel Tower? I've been to it to take pictures but never up it, wondering if its worth it.

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