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United States
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Nashville, Tn, United States
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Total length of trip
2 days

Nashville, TN, United States

Arrived by airplane
Stayed 2 days

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lyndeemassi Jul 23, 2021

@stephwood oh there are so many great places in Nashville. The Grand Ole Opry is amazing. If you can catch a show there that is even better!

stephwood Jul 23, 2021

Nashville is top of my bucket list, I'm a big country music fan but don't get to indulge because I'm based in the UK. Other than the Johnny Cash Museum and great bars, where else would you recommend for a country fan?

isaacq_ita Jul 23, 2021

My hometown! So many great bars there, you should also check out Bourbon Street Blues and The George Jones. I could go on

erikaaltman Jul 23, 2021

I love Nashville, one of my favourite cities, great itinerary!

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