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United Kingdom
City visited
London, United Kingdom
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Total length of trip
1 day

London, United Kingdom

Arrived by airplane
Stayed 1 day

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erikaaltman Jun 8, 2021

I love your London diaries, one of my favourite cities, it's like reliving it. I can't wait to go back many many times in the future when things open back up!!

stephwood Jun 6, 2021

So many people say London is not for them and I can totally get it because it is a busy city which is famous for having rubbish weather but there is totally something for everyone and you don't have to just visit Central London to get a taste of the city. London used to be like a second home to me, I live in North East England and I used to travel down at least once a month, the 8 hour coach ride was totally worth it for me. I lived outside of London for three years at uni which was great but after living abroad etc, I sadly haven't spent as much time there. I think 24 hours is a good amount of time for Brits as they can easily travel back and see more but think more time is 100% needed for international travellers.

I've stayed at ibis Budget before, not in London in Birmingham and thought they were great, I was pleasantly surprised, would definitely recommend them for the price.

Such a shame Dishoom was a fail on this trip, I haven't been but have heard such amazing things.

Great use of your time in London in such a short period!

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