Japan - 11 Days

Trip Overview

Country visited
Cities visited
Tokyo, Japan
Numazu, Japan
Kyoto, Japan
Osaka, Japan
Hiroshima, Japan
Tokyo Prefecture, Japan
Month traveled
Traveled with
Total length of trip
14 days

Tokyo, Japan

Arrived by airplane
Stayed 3 days

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Christina S Jun 8, 2021

@monique241 - We live in Canada so for us it cost about 8.5K - 9K for both of us. This included; the hotels, the Japan Rail pass, the varying tours and Disney pass tickets. We had booked through a travel agent just to ensure that the hotels and tours were through reputable companies and good locations. Most of our hotels were a block or two from a train station so there is definitely room to find more affordable hotels not as close to train stations. Hope that helps!

monique241 Jun 8, 2021

Do you mind if I ask if your trip cost a lot of money? Would love to travel Japan.

Christina S Jun 6, 2021

@rubyflynn92 - I think we had a good amount of time for our first time round. I think we could've used an extra few days to really get to check out Kyoto and Itsukushima as we got to see the basics but definitely could do a bunch more! One thing we didn't realize is that we hit Disney Sea over the Graduation Week so a bunch of kids were going there to celebrate. It was crazy busy comparative to the other parks. However, Disney Sea has some rides and attractions that can only be found there (including food) so it was worth going to experience that. Just make sure that you get fast passes as much as possible to enjoy your experience!

rubyflynn92 Jun 6, 2021

What did you think of Disney Sea? Tokyo Disneyland is on my bucket list! Do you think the time you spent in Japan was enough or would you recommend more? I work as cabin crew so the only time I've spent in Japan is a short two-day layover in Tokyo, would love to dedicate time to explore the city and country properly.

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