Israel 2018

Trip Overview

Countries visited
Israel, Jordan, Palestinian Territory
Cities visited
Tel Aviv, Israel
Jaffa, Israel
Eilat, Israel
Petra, Jordan
Arad, Israel
Jerusalem, Israel
Bethlehem, Palestinian Territory
Nazareth, Israel
Haifa, Israel
Acre, Israel
Tiberias, Israel
Safed, Israel
Ramla, Israel
Month traveled
Traveled with
Total length of trip
21 days

Tel Aviv, Israel

Arrived by airplane
Stayed 3 days

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rgelbhb Nov 30, 2020

It was an awesome vacation. There were a lot of things you just come across and people you meet that are not on the itinerary but make the trip great.

Some things to look out for. Make sure to take into account that Friday night and Saturday pretty much everything is closed, so plan things that don't require sites to be opened (like a hide nearby Dead Sea is good for that time).

When going to Jordan, expect long wait at the border (bureaucracy is pretty infuriating there), so bring some water/food with you while waiting.

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