Iceland…Not That Icy, Lots of Land Though

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Reykjavík, Iceland
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4 days

Reykjavík, Iceland

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Stayed 4 days

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rubyflynn92 Jun 6, 2021

Agree with the prices of Iceland, food costs so much. When I went it was super icy but I went in the winter, it was so beautiful. My one regret is not going to Diamond Beach. Have you seen the volcano is erupting right now? I would LOVE to see that, it looks both terrifying and beautiful, such a unique and crazy experience to witness!!

stephwood Jun 6, 2021

Amazing!! I loved Iceland, one of the best destinations I've ever been. The only thing I didn't love about the country was the prices!!! Extortionate!! Cost the equivalent of £70 for two portions of fish and chips. We went late November and I would love to go in the Summer to see how different it is.

We have the same experience with the Northern Lights sadly. The first three nights, our excursion was cancelled due to the weather conditions and the fourth, it was to go ahead but the weather was worse so I decided to cancel it. I guess it is just a reason to go back though!

I would also highly recommend the Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon. The Golden Circle tour we did was probably the best day I have ever had whilst travelling. I think our excursion was with Greyhound and very, very reasonably priced but amazing, great quality tour for the price. And Blue Lagoon, so many advised me against it saying it is just a novelty but I thought it was great and recommend it as a must do to anyone.

The tours can be done so cheaply but food is a ridiculous amount.

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