Hilton Head Girl Style

Trip Overview

Country visited
United States
City visited
Hilton Head Island, Sc, United States
Month traveled
Traveled with
Total length of trip
2 days

Hilton Head Island, SC, United States

Arrived by car
Stayed 2 days

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lyndeemassi Jul 16, 2021

@stephwood its not that fancy honestly I have been to a million other places that are a lot more fancy. If you just stay on the Resort and eat like we did the first day/night yes it can be costly but the second day we went off the resort and prices were normal.

stephwood Jul 16, 2021

Is Hilton Head quite a fancy place to visit? Can it be quite costly?

lyndeemassi Jul 15, 2021

@chobiull18 it’s in South Carolina

chobiull18 Jul 15, 2021

Where is it ?

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