From Budapest, with love in 4 days

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Country visited
City visited
Budapest, Hungary
Month traveled
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Total length of trip
4 days

Budapest, Hungary

Arrived by airplane
Stayed 4 days

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Edumm Oct 16, 2020

@rkmkiosk I went there at the end of September and thought it was amazing, while nights were a bit cold it was still fall so with just a light jacket you'll be comfortable, and the feel of the city just seems to shine during fall in my opinion.

rkmkiosk Oct 16, 2020

Always wanted to visit budapest, which is the best month to visit?

Edumm Oct 14, 2020

@Kusuma I'm glad it did! I definitely relieved mine while writing it. I didn't try it actually, will have to do so in my next trip! :)

Kusuma Oct 13, 2020

Budapest is so gorgeous! Your itinerary made me relive my experience :) Did you try their famous pálinka?

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