Doing Walt Disney World Cheap

Trip Overview

Country visited
United States
City visited
Orlando, Fl, United States
Month traveled
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Total length of trip
4 days

Orlando, FL, United States

Arrived by airplane
Stayed 4 days

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lyndeemassi Jul 16, 2021

@rubyflynn92 Well the cheap in my schedule comes in by not staying on Disney property, staying in a Air b&b that offers a kitchen so you can cook your food instead of eating out on property for every meal, having a grocery store within walking distance where you can buy snacks to bring into parks so you aren't eating park food everyday which really helps. The cost of food can be the most expensive and staying in a Air b&b in Orlando is cheaper then property.:)

rubyflynn92 Jul 16, 2021

This is great, not enough information about how to do it on the cheap

stephwood Jul 16, 2021

I think it is so easy for first timers to spend a fortune at WDW, definitely needs some knowledge and experience behind it to do it on a budget, great itinerary, will help a lot of people out!!

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