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Zadar, Croatia
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Total length of trip
4 days

Zadar, Croatia

Arrived by airplane
Stayed 4 days

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monique241 Jun 8, 2021

Split is beautiful, nice littles streets and even park to walk around

isaacq_ita Jun 8, 2021

I went everywhere in Croatia on a road trip and the top 2 places I’d recommend are Plitvice Lakes National Park and Hvar. I love beaches and the water, so those were absolutely my favorite places. On Hvar, you can take a little boat to small neighboring islands for day trips to see different beaches. Heaven.
Now, I’m not super into historical monuments, so for me, once I saw one “old town” I felt like I had seen them all. And every Croatian City has an “old town”. The best (most preserved/used) one is in Dubrovnik. Take a day to see it. I doubt you’ll see many tourists in these COVID times! If you love old towns, for sure see Split, Zadar, and Zagreb. If you don’t, spend all the time you can on the islands.
If you’re driving up Croatia you HAVE TO go through Bosnia. There is a tiny (15ish miles) piece of B&H coast that separates Croatia. It’s fun to stop in there and get another stamp on your passport!
One word of advice, if you go to Plitvice Lakes National Park you have to buy your ticket ahead of time. Like, book it now. Pick the earliest time you can go. HAVE FUN!

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