Costa Rican Adventure of a Lifetime

Trip Overview

Country visited
Costa Rica
Cities visited
Alajuela, Costa Rica
Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Months traveled
November, December
Traveled with
Total length of trip
6 days

Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Arrived by car
Stayed 3 days

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Kusuma Mar 13, 2022

Thank you! @stra6216

stra6216 Oct 29, 2021

wow! well planned and nicely written!

easton Nov 21, 2020

Very true, last year my girlfriend and I ate breakfast every morning next to large Iguanas at our hotel. I thought she would be scared, but expressed how she enjoyed it.

Matt Nov 21, 2020

I've also found Costa Rica the best for spotting wildlife, even when just hanging around the hotel.

alex Oct 30, 2020

Kusuma, loved this itinerary. Great food options, I agree!

Kusuma Oct 23, 2020

Costa Rica has great food options for everyone. I am vegetarian and had no issues.

rkmkiosk Oct 19, 2020

How good is the food for indians? Is it good?

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