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United States
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Utah, United States
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Total length of trip
5 days

Utah, United States

Arrived by airplane
Stayed 5 days

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wanderlustpulse Jun 8, 2021

I did all 5 Utah national parks solo in February. I would suggest to anyone getting to the park early (around 8 or earlier) because it does get fairly crowded. I would recommend doing the Navajo loop trail and/or the Queens Garden trail. The parking is only about a mile from the visitors center. If you ever get a chance, I highly recommend staying in Moab to see Arches national park and Canyonlands.

errhannon Jun 8, 2021

Oh my gosh I love Utah! My last solo trip included Bryce Canyon on my way to Nevada. There are so many trails everywhere around Bryce & more. I take my Needless to say I spent a week there because the gas station overfilled my oil & blew up my engine in my camper van as I was leaving. This was my 1st trip in my new used 2014 van I drove from Tx. Needless to say they made good, put me up in Ruby's Inn.I left Bryce Canyon with a new engine & no miles. It had 30k on it when I got it. Anyway this pic is called inspiration point 5mile bike ride from Ruby's. And I love Moab too.

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