Alaska in a Week!

Trip Overview

Country visited
United States
City visited
Alaska, United States
Month traveled
Traveled with
Total length of trip
8 days

Alaska, United States

Arrived by airplane
Stayed 8 days

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Stevie212 Nov 21, 2020

@Kusuma - it depends what you want to do! I decided to do the bus ride all the way out to see Denali. It’s a LONG ride. 5 hours each way. It’s cool though because along the way you see tons of animals and beautiful landscapes. To be honest tho if I ever go back I’ll probably spend more time hiking closer to the park entrance and/or do a climb on Denali.

Kusuma Nov 21, 2020

Thanks for the detailed itinerary! Is one day enough to see Denali National Park? Did you do any activities there?

alex Oct 22, 2020

Beautiful pics and helpful to see the road route you took! Definitely high on my list to visit Alaska.

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